Birthstone Studs August/Peridot

Since ancient times it is widely believed that wearing your birthstone is a symbol of wellness and good fortune. With each of the 12 birthstones beholding its own special qualities, you may gravitate towards a pair that aligns with your birth month or prefer to select a stone that resonates with you.

Each set of earrings comes individually packaged on a foil stamped backing card within a beautiful Cloud Nine gift box. 

Mix and match with our Birthstone Necklaces to complete your look.

Dimensions: 8mm x 5mm
Materials: 14k gold or rose gold plated (3micron) or solid sterling silver
Posts: sterling silver

Stone: Peridot
Meaning: Insight
A glowing green, the peridot birthstone comes from the Greek word ‘to give plenty,’ so as its name suggests peridot gives prosperity and good fortune to its beholder, encouraging wealth, a positive mind, patience and fearlessness. Derived from the overflow of a volcano, the source of creation is a fitting choice for August born (brave, observant, independent) who seek fearlessness and abundant happiness.

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