Gold Gemstone Crest Ring - Aquamarine

This unique ring is sure to add just the right touch of bohemian style to your look! Genuine Aquamarine has been custom cut into a gorgeous linear double pointed bar and securely wrapped in a criss-cross style to a hand formed band to create a gorgeous boho style ring. The cut and mild faceting of this stone add a streamlined touch to the raw crystal look, while maintaining the style and appeal of crystal jewellery.

The March birthstone Aquamarine comes from the Latin name ‘aqua’ meaning water and ‘marina’ meaning the sea. Like the ocean itself, aquamarine is all about tranquility and calm and is said to cool a busy mind and invite stillness and equilibrium to the body and soul. It’s healing powers also extend to love, with aquamarine also able to support unity, reconnection and blinded love. It’s a crystal that connects to both the heart and throat chakra, allowing you to experience love and open and honest communication.

Ring Size: 8
Crystal Size: 14mm x 4mm
Materials: 14k gold filled

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