Gold Gemstone Crest Ring - Black Agate

This unique ring is sure to add just the right touch of bohemian style to your look! Genuine Black Agate has been custom cut into a gorgeous linear double pointed bar and securely wrapped in a criss-cross style to a hand formed band to create a gorgeous boho style ring. The cut and mild faceting of this stone add a streamlined touch to the raw crystal look, while maintaining the style and appeal of crystal jewellery.

Black Agate is a stone of strength and courage; it tones and strengthens the mind & body, grounding and stabilising emotions and physical energy. It helps with the acceptance of oneself and to see the truth. Its healing and cleansing qualities eliminate negative energy, soothing and calming the mind, body & spirit.

Ring Size: 8
Crystal Size: 14mm x 4mm
Materials: 14k gold filled

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