Guardian Angel Gift Pack

We’re making Christmas shopping just that little bit easier this year by offering you these beautifully curated gift packs. 

May you always believe that you have an Angel by your side who lights the way and guides you through. Let this jewellery be a beautiful reminder that you are loved and never alone, The universe and the angels have your back.

Includes A Crystal Gift Card, Clear Quartz Crystal Ring Cone, a pair of Guardian Angel Studs and a Guardian Angel Bracelet packaged in a Cloud Nine branded gift box.

Choose from either Sterling Silver & Gold Vermeil (Bracelet & Studs)

In ancient times the Opal was called the “Queen of Gems” because it contains the colours of all other gems. Opal is associated with hope, innocence, and purity; its metaphysical properties are happiness, faithfulness, confidence and loyalty. It is said to be a stone of inspiration which boosts the imagination and creativity.

Valued at $157 (gold), $146 (silver)

Available until Dec 31st.

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