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Rose Quartz Pendant Necklace on crease backgroundRose Quartz Pendant Necklace layered on model
Silver Rose Quartz Pendulum Necklace on cream backgroundSilver Rose Quartz Pendulum Necklace being worn
Sold outSeize The Day Necklace - GoldSeize The Day Necklace - Gold
New inSeize The Day Necklace - SilverSeize The Day Necklace - Silver
New InMoonstone New Beginnings Necklace on cream backgroundMoonstone New Beginnings Necklace being worn
Dawn Necklace - Gold Sale price$149.00
New InDawn Necklace - SilverDawn Necklace - Silver
Dawn Necklace - Silver Sale price$139.00
New InRadiant Pendulum EarringsRadiant Pendulum Earrings
New InHarmony Pendulum EarringsHarmony Pendulum Earrings
Harmony Pendulum Earrings Sale price$159.00
Count Your Blessings Earrings - GoldCount Your Blessings Earrings - Gold
Count Your Blessings Earrings - SilverCount Your Blessings Earrings - Silver
Best SellerGold Sleeper Hoop Earrings on cream backgroundGold Sleeper Hoop Earrings on ear
Best SellerSilver Sleeper Hoop Earrings on cream backgroundSilver Sleeper Hoop Earrings on ear
best sellerRadiant Climber Earrings - GoldRadiant Climber Earrings - Gold
Best SellerRadiant Climber Earrings - SilverRadiant Climber Earrings - Silver
Follow The Sun Studs - GoldFollow The Sun Studs - Gold
Follow The Sun Studs - SilverFollow The Sun Studs - Silver
New InLife Force Sun Studs - GoldLife Force Sun Studs - Gold
New InLife Force Sun Studs - SilverLife Force Sun Studs - Silver
New InFollow The Sun Ring - GoldFollow The Sun Ring - Gold
Follow The Sun Ring - Gold Sale price$199.00
New InFollow The Sun Ring - SilverFollow The Sun Ring - Silver
Seize The Day Ring - GoldSeize The Day Ring - Gold
Seize The Day Ring - Gold Sale price$189.00
Seize The Day Ring - SilverSeize The Day Ring - Silver
Seize The Day Ring - Silver Sale price$179.00
Sold outCount Your Blessings Ring - GoldCount Your Blessings Ring - Gold
Count Your Blessings Ring - SilverCount Your Blessings Ring - Silver
Seize The Day Bracelet - GoldSeize The Day Bracelet - Gold
Seize The Day Bracelet - SilverSeize The Day Bracelet - Silver
Sold outFirst Light Bracelet - GoldFirst Light Bracelet - Gold
First Light Bracelet - SilverFirst Light Bracelet - Silver
Sold outShine Bracelet - GoldShine Bracelet - Gold
Shine Bracelet - Gold Sale price$49.00
Sold outShine Bracelet - SilverShine Bracelet - Silver

Follow The Sun

Happiness and sunshine come together in this sun-inspired jewellery collection. Serving as wearable reminder's to look for the light within, to be the energy you want to attract and to always shine your best and brightest.