On a mission to help our wearers experience a full life, by connecting them to their truest selves

A creative outlet from when she was just a child, Lee has always been drawn to the meaning and intention behind symbols and gemstones. For the last 10 years she has crafted jewellery that connects with the soul, giving the wearer an expression of their inner selves.

Every step of the Cloud Nine journey has followed her personal one - from becoming a mother, to a deepening of spiritual practices through reiki and astrology, to learning to embrace her truest self.

Lee believes in designing pieces that become part of your every day, connecting you to your inner strength by providing a source of inspiration as you go about your life. This approach guides every aspect of Cloud Nine.

Each piece begins as a hand-drawn sketch in Lee’s Christchurch-based studio, before being crafted in limited runs by talented artisans in Jaipur, India. Between Lee and the team, they test and consider each element of the designs before they are ready for you to choose.

Cloud Nine is led by these values:

Soulfully produced.

Cloud Nine only creates small runs of each piece - be it jewellery, art or homewares - because we want them to be as unique as the person who feels drawn to it. Every element of design is carefully considered to connect with the soul.

Meaningfully detailed.

We believe the detail is what makes life beautiful. This applies to every step of our process, from our carefully selected gems and intricate designs, to the packaging of your piece. 

Grounded in purpose.

The earth provides our materials and inspiration, physically grounding us. And the designs themselves ground the collector, through thoughtful designs and gemstones that connect them to their truest self.

Forever evolving.

We are continually evolving, taking the path that connects with our soul and feels most needed by our collectors. It keeps every piece fresh and joyful.

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