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Opal Jewellery

We love our opal jewellery! In ancient times the Opal was called the “Queen of Gems” because it contains the colours of all other gems. Associated with hope, innocence, and purity. Select from a range of styles within our Guiding Lights, Bloom and Intention collections.

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Save $54.00Intuition Bundle - GoldIntuition Bundle - Gold
Intuition Bundle - Gold Sale price$229.00 Regular price$283.00
Save $38.00Intuition Bundle - SilverIntuition Bundle - Silver
Intuition Bundle - Silver Sale price$219.00 Regular price$257.00
Save $49.00Be The Light Bundle - GoldBe The Light Bundle - Gold
Be The Light Bundle - Gold Sale price$289.00 Regular price$338.00
Save $39.00Be The Light Bundle - SilverBe The Light Bundle - Silver
Be The Light Bundle - Silver Sale price$279.00 Regular price$318.00
Desert Jewels Necklace - GoldGold Layering Necklaces Cloud Nine Jewellery
Intuition Intention Necklace - GoldIntuition Intention Necklace - Gold
Intuition Intention Necklace - SilverIntuition Intention Necklace - Silver
Be The Light Pendant Necklace - GoldBe The Light Pendant Necklace - Gold
Be The Light Pendant Necklace - SilverBe The Light Pendant Necklace - Silver
Be The Light Droplet Necklace - GoldBe The Light Droplet Necklace - Gold
Be The Light Droplet Necklace - SilverBe The Light Droplet Necklace - Silver
Intuition Intention Studs - SilverIntuition Intention Studs - Silver
Intuition Intention Studs - GoldIntuition Intention Studs - Gold
Intuition Intention Hoops - GoldIntuition Intention Hoops - Gold
Intuition Intention Hoops - SilverIntuition Intention Hoops - Silver
Be The Light Earrings - GoldBe The Light Earrings - Gold
Be The Light Earrings - SilverBe The Light Earrings - Silver
Silver Opal Boho Gemstone Ring NZSterling Silver rings for gifts
Almost Sold Outgold opal ring flower patterngold opal boho feminine ring spiritual
Blossom Ring - Gold Sale price$99.00
spiritual jewellery nzcrystal jewellery nz
Intuition Intention Ring - GoldIntuition Intention Ring - Gold
Intuition Intention Ring - SilverIntuition Intention Ring - Silver
Opal Ring in gold on cream backgroundOpal ring and other gemstone rings being worn on hands over cream crochet dress
Be The Light Opal Ring - SilverBe The Light Opal Ring - Silver