New Chakra Jewellery Collection Coming Soon

September 12, 2022

 Chakra Jewellery Collection Gemstone Crystals Necklaces NZ

Elegant and energising, these powerful pieces were created to help keep your chakras flowing and your wheels of energy turning, allowing you to feel more physically, emotionally and spiritually balanced. By wearing our new chakra jewels, you can help to align and balance your chakras, bringing yourself into a state of harmony and flow.


Chakra Healing Crystal Gemstone Gift Jewellery NZ

Wear the colours of the rainbow with carefully selected high-frequency healing gemstones. Each representing and supporting the seven different chakras. Each piece is thoughtfully designed to help you align and balance your chakras.


Chakra Jewellery Collection Gemstones Necklaces Bracelets Earrings NZ

Balance your chakras live in Alignment Jewellery


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