Citrine 'A gift from the Sun'

November 02, 2022

The name "Citrine" comes from the Latin word "citrus" which means "lemon". Citrine is the birthstone for November and is also the traditional gift for the 13th wedding anniversary.

Symbolic of the light of the rising sun, Citrine is thought to bring self-confidence, positivity & prosperity. 

With it’s beautiful yellow-orange hue, Citrine is often thought of as ‘a gift from the sun'. And we totally get it. 

Citrine November Birthstone Ring Jewellery

This vibrant yellow quartz has been used in jewellery for centuries, and it is said to promote happiness and vitality. Citrine is also believed to empower those who wear it, giving them the strength to face challenges with courage and confidence. Whether you're looking for a special gift for a November birthday or simply treating yourself to a new piece of jewellery, citrine is a beautiful and meaningful choice.

According to ancient legend, citrine was created by the sun god Apollo, making it the perfect stone for November babies who are looking to add a little extra light and warmth to their lives. Citrine is also said to promote success and abundance, making it a popular choice for those who are seeking to manifest their dreams into reality.

Citrine Yellow Stud Earrings for November birthstone Jewellery