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Article: Curious to see how your jewels came to life?

Curious to see how your jewels came to life?

Curious to see how your jewels came to life?


If you’ve ever been curious about what it looks like behind the scenes, you'll love this blog post.

This is the exact process our Cloud Nine Jewels go through - from beginning to end.

Cloud Nine Jewellery Gemstone Crystal Jewellery designed in NZ by Lee Sinclair



1.It all starts with an idea being sparked
This can happen any time of day (or night) for me. Often the strangest of things can inspire an idea. A particular colour in nature, a conversation with a friend, a moment of quiet in the shower. Many of these ideas don’t go anywhere and are often banked for future collections.

2. Lee takes that idea and turns it into visuals, scribbling and sketching until she’s happy with the concept.
This is my absolute happy place, when I’m sketching away literally hours can pass and I wouldn’t even know. I do tend to get pretty lost in this part of the process. Ever since I was a child I’ve loved drawing, and my Mum will tell you I was a pretty grumpy child until I learnt to hold a pencil.

3 . From the sketches, Lee creates 2D Illustrations on her computer.
This is a process of refinement, here I hone in on the details. Making sure everything balances as it should. When you're working with pieces so small it’s important to get the dimensions just right.

4. These 2D illustrations are turned into 3D CAD drawings to get a feel for how it would look as a real piece.
This part is handed over to the design team in India, they literally bring my designs to life. It’s pretty exciting to receive these visuals, I really get a feel for how the final pieces will look.

5. Healing gemstones are carefully selected so the wearer of each piece can draw on their unique properties.
Who wouldn’t enjoy this part of the process? I try not to play favourites with gemstones but I must admit we do tend to re-use particular stones that have been crowd favourites from previous collections. Whether they are chosen for their particular colour or their healing properties we always have a lot of fun with this. Our range of gemstones is growing each year and is something we hope to keep expanding on.

6. Our talented artisans in Jaipur, India, then make samples of each piece.
Receiving these samples is like Xmas day! I use these samples to determine if changes need to be made before a collection is put into production. I test every piece myself. After this, the collection goes into production.

And if we were to show the end of this process the last picture would be you! You wearing your new piece and feeling beautiful in it.

Thanks for coming along the journey.




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