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Article: GUIDING LIGHTS - A sneak peek

GUIDING LIGHTS - A sneak peek
Guiding Lights

GUIDING LIGHTS - A sneak peek

We’re beyond excited to be releasing our new Guiding Lights Collection very, very soon! You may have seen on our socials I was up in Auckland last week for the photoshoot. Here’s a short clip if you missed it. This is always such a special time for me, seeing the collection being worn for the very first time is pretty magical. 

Like most collections, I start working on the designs 8-12 months out from their release. This may sound like a long time but I can assure you it’s not. If you’re interested in my design process check out the following blog post.

So here we are just a few days out from it’s release and I can quite honestly say this has been one of my all time favourite collections to design. I real labour of love, a collection that’s equally pretty as it is meaningful with tiny details for you to discover.

This collection was designed for you to remember…

“The magic that surrounds you and is within you, gently steering you to be your most authentic self. Little reminders that everything you need, you already have inside. You are beautiful inside and out, and on the days you don’t feel worthy, look for your guiding light. It will be there, waiting to inspire you, to support you, and to remind you just how magical you are.”

Drawing inspiration from the sparkling lights of the night sky above and crafted in sterling silver and gold vermeil, this collection features a mix of Labradorite, Opals, Iolite Moonstone, and Pearls, with hidden inscriptions for you to discover when you need them most.

Each item in the collection is crafted with love and with pure intention to help guide you back home to yourself.

Here’s a couple of my most-loved pieces…

Yellow Moonstone Stud Earrings in Gold

Dawn Studs

Inspired by dawn’s first light. A moment when we are reminded of the infinite possibilities that lie before us. Where fresh starts are possible in every moment Wear the Dawn Studs as a reminder that each day is a new beginning, a new start, full of possibility.

A magical Moonstone takes centre stage, often called a visionary stone, Moonstone is believed to provide clarity and promote inspiration. Complimented by three sparkly cubic zirconia in shades reminiscent of the morning sun.

 Shooting Star white diamond ring in gold on crystal

Shooting Star Ring

“Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may; I wish I might have this wish I wish tonight.” Wear the Shooting Star ring as a gentle reminder that the stars can hold all of your dreams, hopes, and wishes. So much is possible. So dream big, look up in wonder, not down at the ground. And know that all you wish upon is possible.

Featuring a statement star followed by a twinkling trail of sparkly cubic zirconia stones. This delicate and dainty ring would be perfect for when you have a big beautiful dream that you are taking your first step towards or for wishing someone luck on their journey. Inscribed on the inside of the adjustable band are the words ‘wish upon a star’


I really hope you love this new collection! Do make sure you're signed up to our newsletter below for a special Guiding Lights introductory offer.

Much Love & Gratitude

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